Map 1. Upper Penticton Creek geographic location.
Map 2. Forest cover and leading species at Upper Penticton Creek before logging.
Map 3. Logging history at Upper Penticton Creek previous to 2007.
Map 4. Location of long-term installations at Upper Penticton Creek.
Map 5. Soil units at Upper Penticton Creek.

Soil Units Key

1:         bedrock and isolated pockets of very shallow soil

2:         5 – 40% slope; 2-4m deep; morainal; gravelly, cobbly and stony; sandy loam over loamy sand; well and moderately well drained; Orthic Humo Ferric Podzol and Dystric Brunisol

2d: > 4m deep; moderately well drained

2s: 1- 2 m deep

2vs: 0.1 – 1 m deep; rapidly, well and moderately well drained

2w: 0-30% slope; imperfectly drained; Gleyed

3:         0 – 40% slope; 2 – 4 m deep: glaciofluvial; gravelly, cobbly and stony: sandy loam over loamy sand and sandy loam; rapidly drained: Orthic and Eluviated Dystric Brunisol

3d: >4m deep

3w: 0 – 10% slope; moderately well and imperfectly drained; may be gleyed

4:         0 – 5% slope; 2- 4m deep: fluvial over glaciofluvial and morainal: gravelly, cobbly and stony; silt loam over sandy loam and loamy sand; imperfectly drained; Gleyed Regosol and Rego Gleysol

4d: >4m deep

4w: intermixed fluvial and organic surface layers; some organic horizons; poorly drained; Gleysol and Mesisol