Established in 2001, the Watershed Enhancement Fund fosters watershed research and extension programs that strive to make research more accessible to industry and community partners.

Research, Teaching, Extension: A Value-Added Combination

The Watershed Enhancement Fund, comprised of a $3.5 million endowment from Forest Renewal BC (FRBC) and grants from community partners, supports two Research Chairs in Watershed Management and a Watershed Management Research Extension Facilitator. Together, this team develops and delivers programs that advance important research, foster connections between research and industry, engage with community partners and enrich student learning.

The endowment significantly enhanced research capacity through the appointment of internationally recognized scholars and researchers Dr. Adam Wei and Dr. David Scott as FRBC Research Chairs in Watershed Management. Collectively, the two research chairs have published over 90 articles, attracted over $1.6 million in external grants, provided supervision to 29 graduate students and 20 undergraduate students, and taught over 820 students.  They have helped build on the strengths of existing programs by enhancing curriculum and providing hands-on learning opportunities for graduate student research.

To learn more about this program, contact Marni Turek, Watershed Management Research Extension Facilitator. We look forward to hearing about your research and extension ideas, needs and opportunities.