Dr. Adam Wei Coordinator for International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) Committee

Dr. Adam Wei is actively engaged with the International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO). Dr. Wei has spent years with this international organization synthesizing research and identifying pressing issues, serving as coordinator for a number of task forces.

Currently, Dr. Wei is the Coordinator for Hydrologic Processes and Watershed Management Unit and the Task Force on Forest Water Interaction in a Changing Environment.

Hydrologic Processes and Watershed Management – Unit Coordinator

The unit promotes integration of various critical processes (e.g., forest carbon, climate change, hydrology, in-stream wood and channel morphology, water quality, aquatic habitat and biology) for improved forest and water management over spatial and temporal scales. Through academic conferences, meetings and study tours, the unit provides opportunity for exchanging information and knowledge, and for training students and young scientists.

The effects of forests on hydrology and other critical watershed processes are important topics for designing forest management strategies. In the past, focus was on small-scale experimental approaches (e.g., paired watersheds, runoff plots) to understand the processes and mechanisms. While this small-scale research continues, the scope has been expanded to include more critical processes at landscapes or large watersheds. With wide application of isotopes, modelling, GIS and remote sensing technologies, research into addressing how forest management, climate change and hydrology interact at various spatial and temporal becomes feasible.

Forest Water Interactions in a Changing Environment – Task Force Coordinator

The overall goal of this task force is to build and strengthen the global and regional research networks around forests and water interactions, in support of sustainable forest management for enhancing water-based ecosystem services and UN 2030 SDGs through developing coherent management responses that build on this improved understanding and evidence of forest and water interactions in a changing environment. The task force also aims to refine existing, and develop new forms of governance to manage forests and water interactions.

4th International Conference on Forests and Water in a Changing Environment

In 2015, UBC Okanagan hosted the 4th International Conference on Forests and Water in a Changing Environment.Top scientists from around the world gathered to talk about water availability, forestry and aquatic ecology and how they are affected by forest disturbance and climate change. Held once every 3 years, the conference provides an opportunity for international scientists who specialize in forest hydrology, eco-hydrology, geomorphology, watershed management, and climate change in forested environments to connect and share their research and knowledge, exchange ideas and develop international research collaborations. The conference attracted researchers from around the world, with over 200 delegates from more than 20 countries. Dr. Wei served as conference chair.

Former Task Forces

Forest, Soil and Water Interactions – Task Force Coordinator

Dr. Wei has also coordinated the Task Force on Forests, Soil, and Water Interactions.